Single’s Day

Single’s Day

The Underrated Opportunity​

The Underrated Opportunity​ ​

Photo Credit: New York Times. Here was my favorite headline. Not sure if it was because how terrible it was or how genius for making me laugh.

Today’s Single’s Day.

The celebration of being single.

A massive shopping holiday In China.

November 11th was chosen because the number 1 looks like a person’s who’s alone.

For business owners and marketers, this means revenue.

But just like Black Friday / Cyber Monday, it would have been best to prepare 2 quarters ago to create brand awareness, retargeting audiences and list building opportunities.

Single’s day towers out Cyber Monday’s $7.9 billion sales with it’s $30 billion worth of goods on Alibaba platforms.

Marketers are so good that they started Single’s day as a gimmick back in 2009.

With the internet, we’re all in a globalized market by default.

Not being in China is a massive missed opportunity with Tencent’s WeChat having 1+ Billion Monthly Active Users (Q3 2018).

Plus Tencent’s QQ, an instant messaging platform, with over 700 Million Active Users (July 2019).

Not to mention Tencent owns 

WeGame – a gaming company

iTQQ – a television service

Tencent Pictures – a film and production company

Tencent Comics – comic company

Tencent Music Entertainment – their music arm.

Paipai – an auction site.

All together that rival’s Facebook’s 2.7 Billion Monthly Active Users across all it’s platforms: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger (Feb 2019).

And because Facebook’s banned in China, because China has an alternate universe of social media and tech stacks, that means advertising on their platforms.

It’s best we all start thinking from a global lens.

For me, I got the memo way too late on 4am on the Saturday of Singles Day.

I entertained the idea of setting up an advertising campaign on WeChat and realized it was way too late.

Lack of a distribution center for free shipping, lack of a warm audience, hell a lack of a Mandarin speaking copywriter. 

Or yet alone someone to help me sign up on their platform because Google Translate didn’t catch every word.

Here’s to being not only omnichannel but international.

Happy Single’s Day.


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