My creative mistake running Facebook Ads

My creative mistake running Facebook Ads


There's always a caveat

There's always a caveat

My creative mistake running Facebook Ads.

Several months ago, I was a big proponent of 4×5 (1080 x 1350p) creatives.

I’ve realized since then I made a blunder.

When I attended a Facebook Agency Expo, they recommended 1×1 creative.

I was confused.

If 80%+ of traffic is mobile, why would I create a 1×1 creative that would take up less space then a 4×5 creative.

One of the Facebook reps told me she’s all in on 4×5 creative too.

There was one caveat.

If people have the means to produce creative variations. 1×1 AND 4×5 then do both.

But if they only have the resource to have one variation, stick to 1×1 since it’ll show on more placements.

Showing up in multiple placements > any one creative variation.

Facebook has studies showing auto-placements lower CPAs and increase ROAS.

Not a hard rule, but is probably best practice 9/10 times.

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