Guess which 15 second Instagram Story creative did better?

Guess which 15 second Instagram Story creative did better?

Epic Effects versus Simple Text

Epic Effects versus Simple Text ​

A. Epic Effects. This was edited by our designer who has experience leading Full Production Music Videos and Commercials.

I told him “keep it engaging” so we can increase the average watch time.

B. Simple Text. This was edited by yours truly. While I was waiting on our designer, I gave my modest Premiere Pro skills a shot so we could get something up and running.

[Watch them both and comment below with “A” or “B” on which one you think generated the most swipe ups before reading through for Spoilers]

The winner ended up being…

Option B! Simple Text. The less polished, more native looking ad.

CPCs were cheaper. CTRs were higher. And there were more purchase conversions.

As soon as I saw our designers creative. I chuckled and thought “This is why I leave things to the professionals”.

Video editing professionals to edit.

Yet turns out sometimes less is more. This is a reminder sometimes being less polished is a good thing.

Like Voltaire said, “Perfect is the enemy of good.”

Don’t hesitate to “ship” as Seth Godin would say.

Shipping something out is better than shipping out nothing.

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