The notorious Facebook advertising mistake and the step-by-step blueprint to not piss off 99% of your audience

Introducing: Mixtape marketing, Black Panther tracking and the Know, Like, Trust Framework

I’m taking it back. I made you a mixtape.

Blowing money on Facebook Ads is all bad. Let’s fix that.

Imagine this, one day you’re walking down the the street with a friend, having a great conversation while going to lunch.

All of a sudden a man interrupts you and the conversation you’re having with your friend.

This stranger’s holding a bunch of cd’s in his hands. 

He leans in and extends a mixtape from his hand and says, “Yo, you like Hip-Hop?” 

He’s suggesting if you’ll buy his mixtape. Let’s call him Mixtape Gary like Gary Vee, the epitome of a hustler in 2018.

What would you do if this happened?

  • You've never seen Mixtape Gary before.
  • He's interrupted the great conversation you had with your friend.
  • And you're overwhelmingly hungry for some mouthwatering grub.

Would you ever buy a cd off Mixtape Gary, a complete stranger?

I asked my girlfriend the same question.

Here’s how the conversation went:

You ever get someone on the
     street asking you, “Ay, buy my

     Her: Yes.

     Me: Did you end up buying it,
     have you ever bought a mixtape?

     Her: No.

     Me: Why not?

     Her: I don’t know…because I
     don’t want to buy it.

     Me: Why don’t you want to buy it?

     Her: It doesn’t interest me.

     Me: How come it doesn’t interest

     Her: Well, I don’t really buy music
     so I’m not going to buy some
     rando on the street’s music.

She’s not going to buy some rando on the street’s music. And we wouldn’t expect her to.

She doesn’t know: Who he is. What he’s about. She hasn’t even listened to a single song. 

So when a stranger like Mixtape Gary goes up to you, would you end up buying their cd off the street? 

Most likely not, even if you’re the most devout Hip-Hop fan. 

I call this Mixtape Marketing.


Mixtape Marketing

Mixtape Marketing is the act of promoting a product or service through the use of disruption. 

In other words, interrupting people you don’t know who are going about their day and asking people to buy from you. This can be in-person, over a phone or video call, a text or digitally online. 

Note: There’s a time and place for Mixtape Marketing and there are some great Mixtape Marketers out there because there’s value exchange. Mixtape Marketing is unsolicited, disruptive and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

It’s a “Come on, really bro”. 

This is what’s happening in today’s Digital Age. 

People are selling online without restraint like an over-caffeinated energizer bunny. Unrelenting. 

You do this enough and people will associate you with pesky mosquitos. 

You’re trying to kill it by clapping your hands together but all you touch is air and it quickly turns invisible before you even had a chance. 

One moment you’re scrolling down your Facebook Feed skimming over your friend’s posts and then you see one of these bad boys.

Buy My Awesome Book Facebook Ad

Woah, woah buddy! I don’t want to buy your “awesome” book. I don’t even know who you are, Kenny. 

All you wanted to do was scroll down your feed, catch up on your friend that just got married, or another friend sharing how her 9 month year-old baby did something hilarious.

But time and time again, you get someone trying to shove their special “free” offer and special “discounts” down your throat.

Trust me, you don’t want to be that person.

A common mistake when running ads on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube is going straight for the kill: 

  • "Buy my product"
  • "Buy my service"
  • "Buy tickets to my event"

Like Mr. Mixtape, you don’t even know these people! So why should you buy from them? You wouldn’t. So what’s the alternative? Let’s break it down.


Why People Buy: Be Like Nelly

Going back to the conversation I had with my girlfriend: 

     Me: So, what’s a CD you bought?
     Name one person that you do

     Her: Nelly!

One of my favorite Nelly tracks (2002). I actually have this on a mixtape. Wanna buy it?

     Me: Why did you buy his music?

     Her: Because I like Nelly. 

     Me: You like Nelly? 

     Her: Yeah. 

     Me: So, you already knew about

     Her: Yeah. I don’t think I’ve
     purchased any CD from someone
     I didn’t  know  or music I didn’t
     know. All the music I’ve bought I
     knew I liked their music, so I
     wanted to hear their entire

     Me: You never bought a CD from
     someone you didn’t know.

     Her: Never. 

     Me: Ever? 

     Her: Ever.

So for my girlfriend, there was no chance she would have bought music from Mixtape Gary. 

But we know she bought Nelly’s music not only because he’s a stud but because of something deeper. 

She had to listen to some of his music to find out that she like him. And once she liked him, why did she buy into him?

In her words, “I love his music, I want to listen to more”.

She’s willing to listen to his songs, she hasn’t heard of because she trusts Nelly with the quality of his work. 

He has a track record. 

There’s familiarity. 

He brings the heat. 

That’s why she bought. Because she trusted him. 

In order to sell, getting people to buy means getting people to trust you first. Give people a reason to trust you. Be like Nelly.

Know, Like, Trust


This is human behavior.

It is the Know, Like, Trust Framework.

In any relationship, this is the natural progression you must take to truly trust someone. 


Keys to trust

1. To trust someone you have to like them first.

2. To like them, you have to know about them.

3. To know about them, you must have their attention.


You can’t skip a phase without going through each of them otherwise it’d be weird to trust someone you don’t like. 

It wouldn’t make sense to like someone you didn’t even know existed. 

This is a fundamental principle of human behavior. 

Now, what does this mean when running Facebook Ads? 

I want to introduce you to Sequencing.



Sequencing is the process of taking someone on a customized journey. Just like the Know, Like, Trust Framework, there’s an order, a sequence.

If you show someone on Facebook Video 1, you can show them Video 2. If someone watches Video 2, you can show them Video 3. 

It’s like Netflix. Netflix will make everything simple when you’re watching your shows. 

You finish episode 1? Here’s episode 2.

Netflix. The King of Sequencing. What do you think of the shows my roommates watch?

You can do this on Facebook too. (I’ll give you Action Items at the bottom of this article so you can start implementing right away.) 

Most people refer to this as “re-targeting”. 

You know what I’m talking about. One moment you’re browsing a product on Amazon and 10 minutes later you have the SWAT team on your ass following you everywhere. 

Here’s Amazon going full throttle on Facebook:

You buy a panda, she buys a panda,
everyone buys a panda.

Sequencing is commonly used in e-commerce when selling products but you can take it a step further.

Sure there’ll be a small percent who’ll take you up on the offer from a “reminder” re-targeting ad, but sometimes the customer experience for the other 99.9% of people is a bitter taste in their mouths.

It’s too aggressive.

Here’s the alternative.


When performing sequencing online, you want to think of it as a story.

Where most people cut to the end asking people to buy their stuff like Mixtape Gary, you’ll want to be genuine in forming a relationship.

Instead of going for the kill, Mixtape Gary could have took a lesson from Original Hip-Hop heads who intuitively understood that that value is in the relationship, not in the quick buck.

The OG’s would advise Mixtape Gary to: 


  • Do some shows 
  • Rock open mics 
  • Even rip a freestyle on the street  

Over time, Mixtape Gary would have earned the attention of his audience and naturally some of his audience would be more than happy to buy his mixtape. To effectively do this online, you must have a proper Framework.

Look familiar? It’s know, like and trust in funnel form. Source: BlitzMetrics

This is called the Awareness, Engagement, Conversion Funnel.

It’s a strategy that will help you get people to know you, like you and trust you without feeling like another “salesy” ad just trying to make a quick buck.

You do this by imitating an organic relationship through consistency and exposure since relationships are the result of frequent touches over a period of time.

At the Awareness stage you start off with Why. What’s your story?

What are you all about? What’s your “why”? 

People are more invested in a product or brand when there’s a human element behind it. 

Then at the Engagement stage you start off with “How”.

Here you can teach your audience, entertain your audience, give something of value that your audience will benefit from.

This could be “How-To” videos, interviews with high-authority people, an edutainment video (educational + entertaining), a case-study, a testimonial. Finally at the Conversion stage you end with What.

Here you can promote your product, your service, your event guilt-free because if you’ve provided value upfront, you have earned your audience’s attention.


People don't like being sold to

but they sure like buying


Human behavior doesn’t change when you’re online. It’s always at play. 

People don’t like to be “sold to” but they sure like to “buy” if you give them a reason to buy. 

When you ask your friend for food recommendations, you don’t feel like you’re being “sold”, you’re more than happy to “buy into” what they have to say.

Once you know this, the tactical side of Marketing online is a matter of following a step by step process.


The truly important thing about Marketing aren’t the tactics but learning the principles that guide them.


Know, Like, Trust. 

Why, How, What.

Awareness, Engagement, Conversion.

These are all interconnected concepts–one and the same.

Remind yourself of these Human Behavior Fundamentals, they’re commonly known but not commonly practiced, especially when it comes to Marketing.

Even if someone’s looking at a screen, it doesn’t mean that human behavior suddenly disappears.

Respect your audience for the intelligent people they are, be kind, and you’ll be ahead of 80% of everyone else.

Now that you have the foundation down, let’s get into the step-by-step process of setting up sequencing in your own Facebook campaigns. 





For implementing, I’ll be walking you step by step on how to sequence your target audience through Facebook Videos. 

The primary goal will be to drive leads and purchases for your product or service. A secondary goal can be increasing brand-awareness, getting media attention through ‘inception’, growing a loyal following.

Today sequencing is the hidden gem that’s been made widely available. Picture this. You’re a musician and you’re singing out on the streets.

In the span of the day, 1,000 people came up to you to watch you perform because you have the voice of an angel.

What if you could reach back out to them for a few cents, sometimes even a fraction of a cent?


Corner Tip:

Here’s an exclusive look at some campaigns we ran for Ed Mylett. Notice how the first row for “Cost per Result” (a view), is $0.001–that’s a tenth of a penny! 

So reaching 1,000 people is only 1 dollar! 

For context, let’s take Madison Square Garden, the most premiere stage in the world. 

It seats 20,789 seats. 

For you to get 20,789 people to watch your video, it’d only take $20.79 with a Cost Per Result like Ed.


People are getting leads for $5, $10, $20 but you can get leads for cents by capturing people who’ve already watched your content! 

As Gary Vee would say, it’s a grossly underpriced platform. To get your sequencing in place, you must first set-up your “Custom Audiences”.

A Custom Audience is a group of people you keep track of on Facebook. This gives you the ability to be able to reach out to them again and again. It’s like in the movies when the bad guy’s escaping in the getaway car.

The good guy would take out a tracking device and throw it on the car. 

James Bond does it. 

Batman does it. 

Black Panther does it. 

And you will do it too my friend.


Some people track their enemies. Others track their audience. Source: Variety

Setting Up A Custom Audience: And Action!

1. Open Up Ads Manager here.

2. Go to the navigation bar and click on the pancake menu ☰ (because it looks pancakes! Other amusing names: hamburger, hot dog, oreo)

 3. Click on “Audiences” which is under the Assets Column.

4. Click “Create Audiences”


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Here you’ll have 5 different options to create an audience for. To get started click “Engagement”


Engagement audiences will allow you to reach people who have already interacted with your content on Facebook.

7. For our purposes, we’re going to select “Video” because video is the quickest and strongest medium for establishing trust.

8. Next to the “Choose a content type” box, click on “Browse”

9. You’ll see there are 6 different options to choose from.

Based on what you pick, you’ll sequence out to people who have viewed your video anywhere from at least 3 seconds to watching 95% percent. 

For starters, select “People who viewed at least 10 seconds of your video” and then “Create Audience”.

On average people are watching Facebook Videos for just 6 seconds so when you’re reaching people who are watching for at least 10 seconds, means they’re more open to what you have to say.

Those are the people you want to continue reaching out to.

10. Click “Choose videos…”

11. Select the page you want to select videos from.

12. For example, I’ve selected Ed Mylett’s Page. So whatever videos that are posted on Ed’s page will be available to select.

13. Select which videos you want to sequence people from and click “Confirm”. (Note: There’s a limit of 500 videos.

You have plenty of room to play with. Especially considering 20% of them will have the most views according to the 80/20 Principle)

Corner Tip: Saved Audiences

Note, your first set of videos you’ll want will utilized “Saved Audiences” instead of “Custom Audiences.

Like my friend Logan Young says, “You should be spending 80% of your time boosting posts to various saved target audiences, even though boosts are 20% of your budget.

Start with a dollar a day (so $7 for 7 days) and progressively add more time if the performance is strong. 

14. For the “In the past” box, this option determines who you want to re-target or sequence based on the first video you show them. 

To get things rolling, type in “7” for 7 days. For “Audience Name”, you’ll want to create “naming conventions”, an easy way to remember what you’re reading. 

Feel free to replicate how I set mine up. Click “Create Audience”

15. Click “Create Audience” and you’ve just created your first custom audience!

Corner Tip: Custom Audiences

This is how I like to set custom audiences up. Taking from best practices on how we’ve done it for companies like the Warriors, Nike, MGM.

If you’re a big fortune 500 company, you’re going to work your way up to being as granular as you can which custom audiences like these: 

custom_10_sec_video_view_engagement_7_day custom_10_sec_video_view_engagement_14_day custom_10_sec_video_view_engagement_28_day custom_10_sec_video_view_engagement_60_day custom_10_sec_video_view_engagement_90_day Custom_10_sec_video_view_engagement_180_day

However to start off use a 1, 7, 28 day custom audiences to match Facebook’s 7, 14, and 28 day attribution window.

Creating a new campaign with your Custom Audience

1. Select the Pancake Menu and go to “Ads Manager”

2. Select the Green “+ Create” Button

3. You’ll land on the Guided Creation Platform to walk you through creating a new campaign. Since people are already “aware” or you’ve already “reached” people you’ll want to sequence people to “Consideration”.

For our purposes, click “Engagement”.

Note: if you see “Quick Creation”, you’ll want to press “Switch to Guided Creation”

4. Scroll down and rename the Campaign Name with a naming convention to keep everything organized and then click “Continue”.

In this example I write: “2_engagement” which indicates it’s a 2nd engagement touch. “peakperformance” indicates the topic of these videos.

Since Ed is a renown public figure in Peak Performance, it’s important to keep track of the topic of his videos (e.g. another topic of his is business). “leads” is the type of objective you’d be optimizing for.

5. Click Adset on the left hand side

6. Click on the “Add Custom Audiences…” box next to “Custom Audiences”

7. Select your Custom Audience

8. Leave the rest of the fields blank and let oCPM do the heavy lifting for you. (oCPM = optimized Cost Per Thousand aka Siri and Alexa’s friend Olivia, the supercomputer). My instructor Rener Gracie would agree and say, “Use leverage, my friends”.

9. Select “Ad” on the left hand column. When you arrive to Ad’s page, click “Use Existing Post”

10. Click “select a post” or “Enter Post ID”

11. Finish selecting your posts either manually or putting in the “Post ID”

The Post ID can be found by: a. going to your Facebook Page and scrolling to a specific post and clicking the time stamp.

B. Going to the top of browser’s search bar by copying it.


C. Pasting the Post ID into “Enter Post ID” box.

Congratulations, you’ve just created your first sequence!


Let’s recap. 

1. Mix-tape Marketing is a no-go. 

Like the stranger who asks if you’ll buy his cd on the street, you want to avoid this online. 

Advertising on Facebook is simply a means of forming relationships with people. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean the rules of human behavior change. 

You want to stick to the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do onto you. Alternatively: do unto others as you would like them do unto you.

Tip: Don’t poke other’s eyeballs. It always comes back. Source: Philosophy Now


2. People buy because of trust and that must be earned. Like Nelly, he got my girlfriend to buy because she had familiarity with his music. Before she ever picked up his CD, she grew to like his music.

Talk about Trust with a capital T. Source: Hacker Noon

To get people to trust you, there’s a natural progression of knowing, liking, and then trusting. 

You can’t skip a phase. 

3. You can get people to trust you when running Facebook Ads through sequencing. 

By implementing trust-establishing behavior through Facebook Ads, you’re genuine in your relationship from the beginning.

I recommend video being mandatory in your advertising efforts. The fact that you can re-target people for pennies on the dollar (sometimes fractions of a penny) is unprecedented human history.

Never have we had such immense opportunity for ridiculously under-priced distribution.

Commit to sequencing your Facebook Content, especially video, and you’ll have a promising future online.

Tell me, what’s a time when you’ve seen sequencing done right? 

If you’re adventurous, tell me a time when you’ve seen sequencing gone wrong?

Leave your take in the comments below and I’m looking forward to hearing how sequencing helps you.

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