The goal of my writing is two-fold.

1. To chronicle my thoughts.

There’s just something fascinating about being able to take a look at the past you. How you thought, your beliefs, your mannerisms, all the way your head works best reflected through words.

2. To share ideas worth exploring. 

Learning has always been a core-tenant of my well being so over the years it’s been fascinating to study material that add value to ones quality of life. In the words of  Deuteronomy Rabbah, “In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.”

Most people know me for my knowledge in Marketing whether it’s building your Personal Brand, efficiently growing your business, practicing fundamentals, that’s all material I’ll continue to post.

However, I also have other areas of focus that invoke curiousity so I write where my curiousity takes me.

My writing focuses around 6 core topics:

2. Self-Mastery         
3. Impact
4. Business           
5. Martial Arts            
6. Artificial Intelligence  

I will do my best to serve you. If there’s anything you’d like me to cover, feel free to message me on Facebook here.


Seeing a lower ROAS than expected on Facebook?

Not all of your purchases are being attributed by Facebook. The very least your Facebook ROAS is undercounted.

This is because of the Herrmann Hypothesis. One Marketer named David Herrmann noticed a trend between Apple’s latest Software Patch with the iPhone 11. In summary, Apple is blocking cookies by default after 24 hours…

My friend Aarun said we killed it! We teamed up on an account and helped a SaaS company that’s the TurboTax equivalent of their country. After implementing best practices, results are insane.

We already out-performed last year with an extra 9,000 purchases. That’s with less spend AND 3 months to go…

Spend more money. That’s what conventional wisdom says when it comes to getting more exposure.

That you need to hire a PR firm and spend $30,000 a month for a 6 month retainer if you ever want your personal brand or company in the limelight. Not anymore you don’t…

Imagine this, one day you’re walking down the the street with a friend, having a great conversation while going to lunch. All of a sudden a man interrupts you and the conversation you’re having with your friend…