Hi, I'm Kenny Hoang

I’m the Director of Optimization for BlitzMetrics.  

We serves enterprise brands such as the Golden State Warriors, Nike, Ashley Furniture. What I really align with at BlitzMetrics is our mission to create job opportunities for young adults by the gamification of digital marketing in an modern apprenticeship model.

On the way, young adults will be tasked to help businesses and be ranked in a 5 star system.

This will alleviate:
1. The lack of job opportunities and more importantly mentorship for young adults.
2. The lack of effective marketing for starved businesses in the social media era. 

I’ve worked with enterprise clients such as TiVo and Ashley Furniture and personalities such as Nathan Latka and Ed Mylett. I help teach digital marketing to hundreds of entrepreneurs and agency owners in BlitzMetrics’ paid-membership community, BlitzNation. 

Recently, Fiverr partnered up with BlitzMetrics for an on-demand course: Lead Generation with Facebook and I’ve had the privilege of teaching as an instructor on lead generation. 

People read my material to learn how to leverage marketing fundamentals to recover millions in lost revenue. 

Because I sit on my butt all day in front of the computer, I make it up as a Mixed Martial Artist nerd and train. I graduated from Cal Berkeley (Go Bears) and reside in Los Angeles.



I have clear values I aim to uphold

Integrity I won’t recommend anything that I don’t believe in. I’ll only give you my lived experiences, from mess-ups to accomplishments, and the things I’ve learned a long the way from true masters in their fields.

I believe in 80/20. Instead of being on the hamster wheel of being busy for the sake of being busy, I’m all about leverage and big-wins. I share what I’ve learned from on how to focus on the “80/20” that’ll yield the most results to lead a life of impact.

I respect your time and I hold a high standard. I won’t share anything with you if I don’t find value in myself. Instead of a writing for the sake of writing, it’s my mission to provide material that dominates anyone’s paid material.

More than ever I know we all value our time. So I'll never take your time for granted and I'll do everything in my power to earn your trust with every sentence I write.
Here's a bit about me:

Using Dial-Up Payed Off

Kenny On Yahoo

When I was 9 years old, I was rocking the white headset long before Apple came up with the white iPhone earphones..

Back then we were on snail-speed of an internet with AOL *cringe* but I was fortunate to grow up at the cusp of the internet making its way into the public.

Just a couple years after the 90’s “dotcom” boom, I made my first website in the early 2000’s. That was the beginning of my digital career.

Fast forward and now after being on this internet and this computer “thing” for over 16 years, I’ve been gifted to meet and serve people all around the world.

Today, I’m the Director of Optimization at BlitzMetrics and I specialize in optimizing campaigns before the click and after the click. 

Prior to BlitzMetrics I was the founder of Adapt Modern, a digital agency that served and created digital training for Mixed Martial Arts Gyms and Martial Arts Schools.

Since then, I’ve joined BlitzMetrics to scale my original mission of helping MMA Gyms and Martial Arts Schools even faster through our own system.

I believe everyone can be great so I’m dedicated to spreading what I’ve learned about self-mastery and marketing to lead a life of impact.

In Your Corner,