Hi, I'm Kenny Hoang

Director of Paid Media at BlitzMetrics.com and VP of Marketing at QuikflipApparel.com (check us out on Shark Tank!).

My speciality is helping enterprise and e-commerce brands recover millions in lost revenue. I share written and video material to support Brands doing $500M-$1M and $1M-$3M. 

My goal is to share the institutional knowledge I’ve implemented for clients but also share what I continue to learn along the way.

Whether that’s serving you by helping your CMO, in-house marketing team or web developers get glimmers of insight to optimize ROAS or nuggets of strategy to increase bottom line revenue. My ambition is having free marketing material that rivals any incubator, strategic partnerships or agencies.

Because I sit on my butt all day in front of the computer, I make it up by training Jiu Jitsu at Gracie University and Muay Thai at California Mixed Martial Arts. I graduated from Cal Berkeley (Go Bears) and reside in Los Angeles.

Using Dial-Up Payed Off

Kenny On Yahoo

When I was 9 years old, I was rocking the white headset long before Apple came up with the white iPhone earphones..

Back then we were on snail-speed of an internet with AOL *cringe* but I was fortunate to grow up at the cusp of the internet making its way into the public.

Just a couple years after the 90’s “dotcom” boom, I made my first website in the early 2000’s.

Then in the late 2,000’s I made my first sale selling t-shirts with Bruce Lee wearing stunner shades.

That was the beginning of my digital career.

Fast forward and now after being on this internet and this computer “thing” for over 16 years.

Some of my notable achievements:

  • TiVo – $1,163,435 yearly budget. Reduced CPA by 14.1% YoY. Project Lead.
  • Quikflip Apparel – First 100 days increased revenue from $700k previous year to $1.5M by Q2 through implementing strategic cross-channel media buying and conversion rate optimization. VP of Marketing.
  • Ashley Furniture – $636,638 yearly budget. Maintained ROAS of 15x YoY. Consulted on Optimization.
  • eTax – Increased YoY purchases from 19,000 to 27,000 purchases (+114%) with 23% less spend. Consulted on Campaign Strategy.

I believe everyone can be great so I’m dedicated to spreading what I’ve learned about self-mastery and marketing to lead a life of impact.

In Your Corner,


Ways I can support you:

  • Not sure how to optimize your current campaign strategy? Want another set of eyes? Book a Power Hour.
  • Need a glance at latest industry knowledge that’ll move the needle for you? Read the Chronicle of Articles here.
  • Looking for direct campaign strategy implementation? Get on the waiting list at Mutiply Zero.